Yuma Sun – Parkteatret, 08.04.16

Parkteatret is not even half full when Yuma Sun enters the stage. They start with “Violets To Stone” from their newest album “Watch Us Burn”. The small audience makes the start of the show a bit dull unfortunately. But as the show went on, the better it got. “Give Me Fever” raised the temperature, but it was “St. Louise” from the latest album that made the audience cheer and dance.

Have any of you listened to our second album Hell?” the vocalist Jaran Hereid asks. The audience cheers and screams (of course we’ve heard it). “I wrote that album, you know“, he continues with a joking voice. I laugh, not sure the whole crowd got it, but for me it was funn.. Yuma Sun are good at including the audience in the experience that is Yuma Sun. During “Away Satan” the audience sang along, it was amazing.

There are a few pauses fixing the equipment. Hereid says “We usually don’t have this problem in west of Norway. We don’t have electricity there“. A great way to keep the audience going and included in what is going on. But for those of my readers that haven’t been to Norway, there is electricity in the west, he was only joking.

(From the archive) © Else Solheim

Yuma Sun is a band full of energy. During the concert both the vocalist and the guitarist Bjørn Ognøy found their way down to the crowd. Not at the same time. But both times the audience went crazy. It was so much fun watching. You know, that feeling you get when you are a part of something great, I got that feeling tonight. The bassist Simon Kjelsvik and drummer Andreas Dyraas gave the crowd a show by stepping in front playing for them. That was when Ognøy jumped into the crowd. Can you imagine the cheers? Ognøy playing literarily in the crowd, while Dyraas and Kjelsvik are playing up front.

After a lot of energy used the band got tired, well that was what they said. “We are from Karmøy, and we don’t have the fitness to keep this up“, Hereid said. He lied. They played for half an hour more, with even more energy than earlier.

I don’t remember the whole setlist but “Mary”, “King Of Light”, “Third Revelation”, “High Road” and “Rose” are the ones that come to mind. A lot of songs from their newest album, which is great, because it truly is an amazing album.

The concert was fantastic. Even though the venue could fit a hundred more, the amount of people did not stop Yuma Sun to show us what they are capable of. In my opinion, Yuma Sun is Norway’s greatest liveband. It used to be Kaizers Orchestra, but the throne has now been handed over to Yuma Sun. I said this the last time I saw Yuma Sun: they are not a band you just go and see, they are a band you experience. This night is an experience I will remember. The next time they play in Oslo, the show better be sold out. This is too good to miss.