10 Christmas songs from The Killers

Since 2006 The Killers have been releasing christmas singles. They’ve had featured artists like Elton John and Ryan Pardey (as Santa!), and even Jimmy Kimmel. Here you have all the ten songs. Enjoy!

1. A Great Big Sled (2006)

2. Don’t Shoot Me Santa (ft. Ryan Pardey) (2007)

3. Joseph, Better You Than Me (feat. Elton John and Neil Tennant) (2008)

4. Happy Birthday Guadalupe (2009)

5. Boots (2010)

6. The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball (2011)

7. I Feel It In My Bones (ft. Ryan Pardey) (2012)

8. Christmas in LA (ft. Dawes) (2013)

9. Joel, the Lump of Coal (with Jimmy Kimmel) (2014)

10. Dirt Sledding (ft. Ryan Pardey, Richard)(2015)