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Wakey Wakey, aka Mike Grubbs, is coming to Norway this month promoting his newest album “Overreactivist”. To be honest I haven’t listened to Wakey Wakey since One Three Hill went on TV. Wakey Wakey is one of the many artists that appeared on the show. Can you feel the nostalgia kicking in?

At the end of February Wakey Wakey released “Overreactivist”. A new album filled with 12 bittersweet songs. The album starts with “Heartbroke”, and Grubbs captures my attention with the words; I was there when your heart broke, I was there when you lost hope. With string instruments and Gribbs on the piano the album is set with a great start. The track is followed by “Adam & Eve”. In my opinion a really sad song, “the more I love, the more you leave” – that breaks my heart. The melody really gets the message through.

The title track “Overreactivist”, this one is more upbeat in the tunes. “I am the lose end, you never tied up” – thats brilliant writing right there. But then we get to the chorus, where the phrase “We’re alright” is repeatedly said – not brilliant, but very catchy. Apparently it is alright to be an overractivist.

“Golden” is my favourite song on the album. I love how the guitar, the piano, the drums and most of all how the string instruments work together, so well composed. Gribbs’ powerful voice really shines through in this song. Such a great start to the newest album.

Then there is the middle part, and now it’s not so exciting anymore. “Homeless Poets” does not stick out, neither does “Freeze”. “Cruel like you” is different, it has really heavy drum beats and maybe some autotune. I like heavy drums, but I don’t like autotune. Computerised music does not go well with me, probably why I don’t like “Homeless Poets” either.

A dull middle part goes a little bit up with “Stop Turning” and “Still Life”, but they don’t capture me the same way as the first tracks of the album did. The album ends “C’est La Vie”, it’s life. Basically summing up what the whole album is abut; life. In all “Overreactivist” is a great album, there are some songs that I don’t like. But who likes every single track on an album these days? For a moment there I forgot about the OTH-part – now thats good music.

Don’t forget to see Wakey Wakey when he plays at Vulkan Arena here in Oslo 19. March. I’ll see you there.

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