vinyl-posterOn Monday next week HBO Nordic is premiering their new serie “Vinyl”. I and a big handful of people got invited to a preview of the two first episodes, as well as being spoiled with popcorn and buds. I’m not gonna lie – it was awesome! Sitting in Whitelight Studios and waiting for the preview of Vinyl with popcorn and buds in our hands – just picture it. A private screening for people in the press- and music business. We are being told that if we share a photo with the hashtag “#vinyloslo” we’d be able to win the newest Chromecast – which obviously is the best way to watch HBO. Their words, not mine. But I do have Chromecast – and I think it’s awesome. So while taking photos, using the hashtag, we got our picture taken ourselves by a bunch photographers. This seem like a huge event.

Then finally the lights go dim, and the serie starts. Vinyl is suppose to take us back to New York City during the 70s. That was before I was born so I have no idea how the 70s were, but according to Vinyl the 70s was embossed with drugs – lots of drugs. Basically the phrase; Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. But Vinyl shows us more than just drugs. It gives us insights to conflicts in the music business – mainly how record companies worked back then. There are also some pretty funny characters. Especially the one who is suppose to be Peter Grant, Led Zeppelins manager. Keep your eye up for that one.

Vinyl has shocked me in some scenes, but has also made me laugh. You should all look forward to Monday. I promise you laughter!

After the preview the Norwegian bands Slutface and Kindred Fever played for the press but also for the ones who saw the event on Facebook. Who doesn’t want to go to a free concert? Especially when theres two bands representing Norways west coast. But what I noticed was the venue. Heads up, because here is a Vinyl-spoiler: At the end of the preview we see a building collapse. And Whitelight Studios in Oslo seems also very dilapidated, it really was the perfect venue for the preview and for the concert. However it was really, really, really cold.

HBO didn’t need to bribe me with buds and popcorn. It truly is a great start. Lets just see if the rest of the serie is as good as the premiere.