Vill Vill Vest – New showcase festival in Bergen

This is exactly what is missing in the Bergen music scene.

From the press release:
Vill Vill Vest (VVV) is a brand new showcase festival taking place in Bergen (NO) on the 15th and 16th of September 2016. The festival is directed towards the national and international music business. The intention is to showcase new, talented, up & coming artists from Norway, as well as giving well seasoned musicians an opportunity to meet local and international industry reps.

Bergen is the only one of the major music markets in Norway that’s still without an event of this kind. The initiative comes from a broad selection of people from the local music scene, as well as industry people. The common perception from everyone involved, is that this is a natural step for a city like Bergen, that prides it self as a cultural center, to gather all of Norway’s music business in one place.

The festival will consist of work-shops, seminars, panel discussions as the main day time activities. In the evening, the city center will convert into one massive concert venue. The program will feature up and coming artists selected by a jury. The venues are Hulen, Garage, Kvarteret, Landmark, Østre, KOK and Apollon.

VVV is looking for current artists to their festival program. They are welcoming submissions from all of Norway. All genres, mainly new, but also more established acts are asked to apply.
The deadline is set to the 6th of May 2016, with the jury selections starting the following week. The jury will pick 40 bands and artists to fill up the slots at the 8 different stages around the city.

For more information check out the webpage and Facebook