Västerbron – Till vilket pris som helst

A couple of days ago the Swedish band Västerbron released their second album “Till vilket pris som helst”. According to my last.fm I’ve played through the album over 15 times. I honestly love it!

“Till vilket pris som helst” is a breath of fresh air. I can relate to the song “Flytta isär”, I can dance and sing to “Död for mig”, and I know of people like the ones in “Vilsa i varuhuset”. The latter is my favorite song. Here is everything you want, but nothing you need. A song about spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need. We have all been there with our credit cards.

That they sing in Swedish makes the songs even better. There is a theory about the second album, of it being the most difficult to create, but also end in a bad follow-up. Västerbron does not suffer from the second album syndrome. They reign. The whole album is a masterpiece.

© Västerbron

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There has been a void in my heart after the Swedish band Kent stopped using guitars and started to make music in a different way. That is also probably why they are going on a farewell-tour. The void is now filled with Västerbron. They are not afraid to use guitars, they are not afraid to sing in Swedish. The melodies, the lyrics and the beats combined, results in breathtaking music. Music I can dance to, music I can sing to and also music that sets thoughts in motion. I’ve never fallen so quickly for a band before. It’s like falling madly in love, only with music.

Västerbron are playing in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim at the end of the month. You just can’t miss them live.

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