Västerbron + Sweden, John Dee 27.04.16

It is Wednesday evening and the Swedish band Västerbron is back in town supporting the Norwegian band Sweden (ironic, I know). The first thing that catches my eye when I am entering the venue, is the people outside on a strike. I was not aware that Rockefeller/John Dee/Sentrum Scene is on a strike, but I give them all of my support and I wish them luck.

© Else Solheim

Västerbron enters the stage a couple of minutes past nine. They start off the show with “Vaccin”, which is also the first track on their newest album “Till vilket pris som helst“. The audience seems to be afraid of the stage. There were only two people up close to the barrier, while the rest of the audience stood a good meter behind. They don’t bite, so there is nothing to be afraid of, but the audience would not move closer. Västerbron prestens themselves as a band from Sweden, except for Anton, he is from another planet and he plays the drums. This made the crowd laugh.
While Västerbron plays “Död for mig” – greatest song ever made – the audience started to move a bit, but not enough. I would have danced like crazy if I weren’t taking pictures. Västerbron are giving a great performance, but the crowd disappoints me at this moment. The next song is “Om du säger det så är det så”. Vocalist Peter Jonasson jumps into the crowd and sing in-between them. It is amazing to experience, and the crowd is now cheering and I can see some of them even sing a long. Västerbron continue the show with new songs like “Nominerar mig själv”, “Vilsa i varuhuset”, “Er vi framme snart” and “Flytta isär”. The latter Jonasson says is about the relationship between Norway and Sweden. That Norway happened to find oil after getting independence from Sweden. It happened over 60 years later, but ok. The amazing Västerbron played some old songs like “Fattar ingenting”, “Du visste vad du ville göra men du gjorde inget” and “Slagen av tanken”. The audience is still standing a meter from the stage, but at least there is movement now. I think the great performance by Västerbron warmed them up a bit. Västerbron ends their set with “Ännu en dag förgäves”, and dedicate the last part to the people outside on strike.

© Else Solheim

Next up is Sweden. I have to admit that I haven’t really listened to them. But they are headlining, so they must be good. They also have a Swedish flag on stage, which is cool for being a Norwegian band. Also the first couple of songs the audience would not dare to get close to the stage-barrier, but that made it easier for me to take pictures. Sweden’s sound is a bit more calmer than Västerbron. So is their performance. If Västerbron is a tornado, Sweden is a light breeze compared to them. Musically and by stage performance. The crowd is a contrast as well. They seemed to have doubled in capacity when Sweden got on stage. There is also more cheering and dancing from the audience during Sweden’s set. The temperature inside John Dee seem to rise as well. And for a vocalist that does not move that much, he sure sweats a lot from his beard. Their music is catchy, but too popish for my taste. The crowd seem to love it though and I understand why. Sweden gives a solid performance, and they play really well. No wonder John Dee is filled with such a big crowd on a Wednesday evening.

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