Västerbron returning to Norway

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The swedes in Västerbron were one of those rare diamonds I saw at By:larm last weekend. Even though all of the band members were sick by the disease that was lurking around the festival, I still got really impressed by their sound. According to my last.fm I’ve played them over a hundred times since the festival, and that does not count my offline listening.

Västerbron is a breath of fresh air. Their sound is exactly what my playlist needed. I went to by:larm to experience new music and to fall in love with music. I have to admit that I am hopelessly in love with Västerbron’s songs. Their album “Idiotologi” is a masterpiece. While listening to this masterpiece I did some lurking around the internet and found their newest single “Jag nominerar mig själv” on Spotify. Why not on Tidal? Probably because they’re Swedish. A couple of talented swedes that is. I love the new single as well.

Västerbron are returning to Norway in April sharing the stage with the band Sweden (who ironically are from Norway), playing the following venues:
26. April – John Dee, Oslo
28. April – Hulen, Bergen
29. April – Familien, Trondheim

I think Västerbron is the supporting act on this tour. However it’s not the first time I’d be going to a show for the opening act. Västerbron is worth it.

They are also releasing a new alum, “Till vilket pris som helst”, on 15. April.

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