Up Against The Phantom – Leave Me Innocent

upatpUp Against The Phantom is an alternativ indierock band from Oslo. They recently released their debut album “Leave Me Innocent”. The album starts off with the song “Filthy Hands” – great title, but boring song. Not a good start. However, the next track “Asteroids” is better and makes me listen to the rest of the album. On this song I enjoy the beat and the vocal really shines. After a couple of songs they start to remind me of Placebo and Mew, only with a female vocal. A song that sticks out is “Safe Bet”. This is one of the better songs on the album (see the music video further down).

The album ends with a song called “This City Feels Like Paul McCartney”, which I wanted to listen to first just because of the brilliant title. I myself am a big Beatles-fan. The song is nothing like The Beatles though, and also nothing special. I always listen to an album as a whole – from start to finish. “Leave Me Innocent” is an album that contains twelve songs. Some up beat, some slow, some good, some bad. Unfortunately it was not for me.

Up Against The Phantom:

Cover art by © Klaus Kristensen