Ultimate hipster parade

Last night I went to the launch party of the new record label Easy. Also spotted in the crowd: dePresno.

Their first singings Hawkon and Luke Faas played a set each.

© from my snapchat story

Hawkon (Håkon Njøten) will probably never be able to lose the Norwegian Idol stamp. But he played a good set and obviously has a great band with him. I’m pretty sure that one guy from Línt played guitar and did the backing vocals. The songs seemed very lovey dovey for my taste though. But that does not change the fact that the singing is beautiful. Man, what a voice. His newest single, which he played live for the first time last night, “Gold Girls” got released today. Check it out on Spotify.

I feel like 80-90% of the crowd came to see Luke Faas (Morten Schwencke). Everyone I got introduced to this evening seem to be working with him at the student paper Universitas. Luke Faas looks like a kid, but sings like an angel. I thought that Hawkon had a great voice, but this was better. The audience danced even. Everyone should experience Luke Faas live at least once. And why not start tomorrow when he will be supporting Phlake at Parkteatret?

All in all it was a good night. It’s not my scene, nor my kind of music. But I am amazed by the talent I saw last night.

Easy did well with signing these two artists.