Twin Atlantic – GLA

© Twin Atlantic / Red Bull Records

I want to start with the Q&A I did with Twin Atlantic’s vocalist Sam McTrusty in June. I asked him what the musical differences are from their previous albums to this new one. His answer was: Those albums were made in the past and present… this album is from the future.  After listening to “GLA” (for about a hundred times), I have to say – you all have to look forward to the future.

GLA stand for Glasgow – where the album was written, where the band is from, and through the album they embrace. It starts out loud with “Gold Elephant : Cherry Alligator” and “No Sleep”, singles that were released earlier this year. But it was “Overthinking” and “Ex El” that caught my attention. I find myself singing the words I can’t change of Ex El, but also moving to the catching beat of Overthinking.
In the middle of the rough guitar beats, the heavy drums, and a little bit of screaming, there is a song that stands out – “A Scar To Hide”. If you’ve listened to Twin Atlantics previous albums this sing is like “Oceans” from “Great Divide”. “A Scar to Hide” is quiet moment in-between the heavy. Beautiful.
Our blood runs deeper, our bloods runs soaked in our mistakes, are some words you’ll hear from the last song on GLA, “Mothertongue”. McTrusty’s voice voice is so powerful that I feel it in my bones. I got shivers down my spine and goosebumps on my arm, when I heard Mothertongue for the first time. What a way to end yet another great album from Twin Atlantic.

The whole album is well written and composed. I’ve listened to it (on the stream I got) so many times that I’m not allowed to listen anymore. Now I’m in the same boat as you, I have to wait til 9. September. But I know what the future brings – and that’s a hell of an album!

For more about Twin Atlantic check out their website. You can also pre-order the album there and check out the upcoming tour. Yes, they are coming to Scandinavia! It will be amazing.