Twin Atlantic – BLÅ, 11.11/2016

A little while ago a friend of mine sendt me a link to a song called “You’re turning into John Wayne”. This is something I’m sure you’d like, he said. He knew me well. After listening to “Vivarium” I was dead set on seeing Twin Atlantic at Slottsfjell that year. To be short, it didn’t happen. Me seeing them live took six years (and a couple of months).

© Malin-Charlotte Aagesen
© Malin-Charlotte Aagesen

Twin Atlantic recently released their fourth studio album “GLA”, and now they are touring Europe promoting their latest masterpiece. Why anyone would visit Oslo when it’s so freaking cold outside, I will never understand. But here we are, at BLÅ finally seeing Twin Atlantic live.

There is only one thing in the way. A supporting act called Monarks. They were not in the way per se, but something was clearly wrong with the vocals. I’m not even sure the mic was on. Other than that, they were ok. Haven’t seen a drummer smile so much during a show before. It was contagious, so I smiled as well.

We did not wait long until Twin Atlantic entered the stage with the opening track from “GLA”, “Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator”. The music is good, but no vocals here either. Maybe it’s a curse being in the front row –  you get to see everything, but the sound will drag you down. My friend Josefine, she is a hands on girl, so she went to the sound guy and told him to fix it. I knew I was friends with her for a reason.

© Malin-Charlotte Aagesen

Once the sound got fixed, the show got a lot better. However, the Norwegian audience is not as engaged as other ones. I’ll be honest, we are cold people. We can just stand there without clapping, cheering and all that. It is not the biggest audience I’ve seen at BLÅ either, unfortunately.

During “Free” the people in the crowd started to sing along. Finally some movement in the audience as well as on stage. It was obvious that the crowd-pleasers were “Make a beast of myself” and “Crash land”. I could barely hear the vocals, but the audience did a great job singing.

It was like Twin Atlantic saved the best for last with “No Sleep”. The highlight being vocalist Sam McTrusty jumping into the crowd singing among the fans.

Twin Atlantic had a setlist with 15 songs. Played through them, drop the mic, drop the instruments, and off the stage they went.

The show felt rushed to me. I’m not saying they weren’t good, but I think they can do better. They played through the songs so fast, and there was no encore. I was expecting “Mothertongue”, I also hoped for a few songs from “Vivarium”. I guess “Free” and “Great Divide” (and of course “GLA”)  is what they felt like playing this time along, and thats ok. But 4 albums, only 15 songs – they can do better.