Turbonegro – Sentrum Scene, Oslo 21.11/15

© Else Solheim (cellphone-photo)

When you wake up with the lights on, your contact lenses still on your eyes, and your shoes on the bathroom floor – you, know you had a good time last night.

It’s Turbonegro’s only show in Oslo this year and they promised the audience a whole lot of denim. They had the colors of Tricolour, the French flag, on stage which is such a beautiful way to show support to France. They did dedicate a song to Paris, “Wasted Again”. Thats the way Turbonegro does it.

The highlights of the evening were most definitely when they played their old hits. “I Got Erection”, “City of Satan”, “Sell Your Body”, “All My Friends Are Dead” and so on. The audience were crazy, lots of crowd surfing and one guy even got on stage and stage-dived. I don’t think it was planned but it was cool to watch.

During the encore they presented the band. They have gotten some new members since the last time I saw them. But Rune Rebellion, Happy Tom and Euroboy are still here. Now with a new drummer, piano player and a new vocalist. The new vocalist is better than the old one. Anyway, during this presentation of members they played short covers of different classics like Blur’s “Song 2” and Glenn Frey’s “The Heat Is On”. Amazing! This was something new, and I like it!