Tortusa – I Know This Place

“I know this place – The Eivind Aarset Colleges” is an album released today by Tortusa aka John Derek Bishop.

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© Hans Edward Hammonds

Bishop has always been fascinated over Eyvind Aarseth’s guitar sound, which is the base of this new album. Using samples from Aarset’s catalog at Jazzland Recordings, Tortusa created a set of new compositions and sound-collages. It is melodic, wistful, dreamy, troubled, yet soulful and personal.

The album is inspired by the atmosphere of Norwegian nature and the inspiration has found its way directly into the music. The sound is electronica inspired by jazz and classical music. His music is evocative and puts the listener in different emotional states.

Listen to “I know this place – The Eivind Aarset Colleges” on Tidal or Spotify.

For more about Tortusa check out his webpage or Soundcloud.