The Modern Times + Västerbron, John Dee 13.10.17

I am celebrating 20 years of John Dee! Last week I saw Silja Sol, this week I saw Västerbon and The Modern Times.

It has been two days since the concert. And according to strict and unwritten music-journalist-rules the hype of the show is long forgotten. Mostly because they played in Tromsø last night. But this is my site, and if I want to write about a concert, I will write.

I had no intention of sharing Friday nights experience with you. Mostly because you are probably done with me writing about Västerbron. This is the fourth time I’m seeing them live, and you might just say that I am an Västerbron-expert. And in being an expert and all, you must believe me when I say: they have never performed better. More people should listen to Västerbron, and mostly experience them live.
To start with the show felt like deja vu from when they played at John Dee last year (yes, they’ve played this venue before): audience being afraid of standing too close to the stage. (I know they are Swedes, but they’re not dangerous.) They start off with “Jag nominerar mig själv”. Singing the lyrics a bit wrong. But that happened when they supported The Dogs at Rockefeller, so thats probably just the way Jonasson sings it live from now on. There are a couple of people in the audience that just love Västerbron, you can see it in the way they more, the way they cheer and the way they sing a long. It makes me smile. Every time Västerbron said “thank you” there were a couple of girls screaming “you’re welcome” – every single time. At first it was funny, after a while it became annoying.
The best moment of the night was during “Är vi framme snart”. Västerbrons vocalist jumped in the audience moved around, and then screamed “I fucking forgot the lyrics!!”. It was hilarious. It only took him ten seconds to realise that the part he was about to sing, is the way the whole song starts. I loved it.
To my biggest surprise they played a couple of new songs. New material is always a good sign. Which in my head means a new album next year, and hopefully a new tour.
The audience didn’t approach the stage before the second last song “Ännu en dag forgäves”, and at that point the atmosphere was at it’s highest. Even I sang and danced a long by then. They ended their set with “Död för mig” with a nice sweaty audience. It seems like Västerbron is building up a tiny fanbase in Oslo. Hopefully it will grow to a sold out show at John Dee next time.

Next up is a Norwegian band who calls themselves The Modern Times. This part will not be as long as the Västerbron-part, because I know nothing of The Modern Times. I’ve barely listened to one song, and I told my friends that this might be a lovely surprise. And it really was. I have never laughed so hard at a concert before. The music, the melodies, the way they play – it is really good. But if you listen to the lyrics you can’t help but smile and laugh, and probably get surprised at times, and find yourself agreeing with what they are singing about. Saying words like “If I clean my apartment. Will that make you stay”, because apparently seeing his apartment is terrifying. I laughed so hard I cried, thank you The Modern Times.
They also sing about bands like Motörhead, The Pixies and Dead Kennedys with cheese. Not everything made sense to me, and I think that their thing: simple and silly lyrics with great music and good vocals. I had a great time. The only thing that is for sure is that I need to see them again.

And those are my words and memories from Friday night.


  1. Motörhead, The Pixies and Dead Kennedys with cheese. This song is about the burgermenu at Blå Rock in Tromsø.

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