The All-American Rejects are back!

The All-American Rejects caught my attention way back when there were such a thing as MTV News. They were talking about their first single “Swing, Swing” and I loved the little music tease I got from MTV. But way back then there were no such thing as streaming, and the local record store (and the one in the nearest city) haven’t even heard of TAAR. So, I illegally downloaded the album from Napster or Limewire or something. I bought the album once it got released in Norway though. However, it took a couple of years..

In other words, TAAR are close to my heart.
I may not like every single thing they release, but I sure get excited every time they do.

Who wants to see Tyson Ritter as a street-walker? Yes, you read correctly. I must admit he doesn’t look too bad as a woman. I won’t reveal too much, but check out his character’s double life in the music video below.

What you just saw is the two new songs from The All-American Rejects called Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes”. The fans are excited, and so am I.

You can listen to the two new songs on Spotify.