Synne Sanden – In Between Sparks

Synne Sanden is a Norwegian artist who creates expressive and experimental pop. “In Between Sparks” tells the story of being in love, and experiencing fear, rejection, jealousy, euphoria and the feeling of immortality. Synne Sandens powerful presence and a raw nerve conveys a love story, unfiltered.
– Vilje Recordings

Synne Sanden is said to be one of Norway’s hidden pop secrets. She is now out with her third album “In Between Sparks”. After listening to the first songs, the album may seem a bit monotonous. The theme is love, but not pink-clouds-puppy-love.

© Vilje Recordings
© Vilje Recordings
The lyrics are about fear, rejection and jealousy – which I like. With her unique voice the message really gets through. Once the song “Black Pearls” gets played there is finally some variations in the album. “She drinks his blood, it turns to ashes in her mouth” she sings. It’s melancholic and dark.The album is starting to warm up to me now. Probably my favourite song on it. Another song that sticks out is “The Jealous Sister”. Not because of the brilliant title, but the song is more up beat than the others.

For me it took some time to like the album. It starts off a bit boring, but gradually builds up with good songs. Synne Sanden is definitely one to watch in 2016.

Featured image by © Ane Aspén