Spirit, let’s hear it!

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Yesterday Bring Me The Horizon released their album ‘That’s the Spirit’ – and I have been listening to it over and over and over again. It’s catchy. It’s different. I like it. I also have a new ringtone on my phone thanks to this album. But to be honest ‘That’s the Spirit’ is pretty melodic and quite soft compared to their earlier work.

My first experience with BMTH was at the Hove Festival in 2009. They were crazy. They were just as crazy two years later at Roskilde. To see them in november with this new sound can be interesting. Are they still crazy? The album doesn’t really make me wanna headbang or jump in a moshpit.

By soft I mean songs like ‘Doomed’, ‘Follow You’ and ‘Oh No’. But all bands evolve. And I understand that bands adapt to the audience, and they adapt to what sells, and let me tell you – this album is going platinum. It’s full of so-called hits.


    1. Kan det være Rammstein? Føler jeg får Rammsteinvibber, eller Scooter :p men jeg vet godt hva du mener!

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