Shevils – The White Sea

On Friday Shevils are releasing their third studioalbum “The White Sea”. I’ve actually had the pleasure of pre-listening to the album a week before release – and I love it!

It starts off with the song “I Wear The Skies”. And with the first beat you get captured. It’s heavy and rough. The first song is suppose to give a sense of what you can expect from the rest of the album. This is a great start. And my expectations are high. I only wish the song lasted longer than 1:43 minutes. Luckily the roughness continues with the next song “We Could Leave The World”. And that how it goes – one great song after another. The album ends with the title-track “The White Sea”, which is the song with the longest duration. It’s not long though, only a bit over 5 minutes. But it’s like the whole album builds up to the moment when you hear this track. It really is a great ending to a great album.

“The White Sea” is packed with a noisy vocal, heavy beats, and ten amazing tracks. It is noisy in a good way. And from the first track to the end of the album, it definitely lived up to it’s expectations. I’ve never been a person who rates an album by a dice or number, but I will say this – I highly recommend “The White Sea”.

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And by all means, remember to buy the album on Friday! 99EFBE5A-FBBF-4EB1-B39F7BCF91B1F3FB-970A8915-61EE-4E03-905B2CC8B18D2551