Sleepers’ Guilt – Kilesa

0006815999_10Sleepers’ Guilt finally reached their goal on plegdemusic and are now releasing their first double album, “Kilesa”. Which will be out tomorrow!

The first part of “Kilesa” contains ten songs. Heavy and melodic. And of course the scary metal voice we all know and love. The second part is really different from the first one. This one only contains three songs. But they last a pretty long time. Three songs in 30 minutes, I’m sure you get the picture. The mix is done by André Alvinzi, the mastering by Tony Lindgren, both working at Fascination Street Studios (Jens Bogren) in Sweden.

“Kilesa” will be available in the band’s online shop but also on platforms like Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

For a taste of the album, here is the video for “Two Worlds”.

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