PVRIS – Vulkan Arena, 18.04.16

The last time PVRIS visited Oslo they were the supporting act for Bring Me The Horizon. Now they are back headlining for the first time their own show and with their own opening act.

The opening act is a band called Bones. After a couple of songs they said ”We are Bones. And tonight Oslo, you’re gonna get boned”. They played a really good set, and are full of energy. The audience however, stays pretty still during the opening act, and only cheer once Bones is done with a song. The song “Robyn” is a nice and quiet song in-between the rest of the noisy setlist. They ended their set with “Pretty Waste” and told us “Oslo, you’ve just been boned“. The last song from Bones is one step closer to PVRIS.

While waiting for PVRIS I look around the venue. It’s an all ages show so there are a lot of different people here. Way in the back there the ones past 50 that sit on the staircase. They are probably parents to some teens that wants to see PVRIS. The teens are in the front. In-between there is the rest of us, from the 20s to 30s. The one thing this wide range of people have in common, is that we are all here to see PVRIS.

© Else Solheim

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, Alex Babinski, Brian MacDonald and Justin Nace enters the stage, greeted by a cheering crowd. They haven’t even played a single tune yet and still the audience cheer as if they’ve played a whole set. They open with “Smoke” and by the first song the magic started. “Fire” was one of the highlights. Through the whole song the audience sing along. They do most of the work, which got me thinking that maybe Gunnulfsen can’t reach the high notes, but she proves me wrong at the end of the song and sings so wonderful. The temperature is rising while the audience jump. The ground beneath me is shaking. The sound is perfect, and PVRIS are playing flawlessly.

Gunnulfsen takes her time to talk and interact with the audience. She tells us that this is the first time she have met some of her Norwegian relatives. Which in my opinion, is amazing. Nace and MacDonald leaves the stage, and Babinski and Gunnulfsen play an older and beautiful song called “Only Love”. The audience takes up their smartphones and put the flashlight-function on. The moment that once would have been a lighter-moment has now been replaced with phones. Gunnulfsen and Babinski continue on their own on stage and plays a calmer version of “Ghosts”.

© Else Solheim

The rest of the band enters the stage again. This time Gunnulfsen wants help from the audience. Usually that means, she wants us to sing along, but this time she asks us to put our phones away during the next song. I can hear the melody of “Holy”. The song was was performed without a single cellphone sticking out from the crowd. It has such a beautiful melody with such honest lyrics, a song like this should always be experienced without the presence of cellphones.

I fall in love with Lyndsey Gunnulfsen during “Eyelids”. The phrase sings like an angel, is the one to describe her voice. It is so beautiful and so clear, she gives me goosebumps. During the song “Let them in” the band gives the performance it all. The atmosphere in the venue is indescribable, but I am having the best time of my life. PVRIS leaves the stage with the crowd shouting for them to come back. It the show ends now, it will end on a high. But PVRIS hears the audience and shortly returns to the stage.

It is not a surprise that they start the encore with their newest single “You and I”. What did surprise me is that Lyndsey goes off the stage, down to the audience to greet the ones that are in the front row. I love it when musicians takes time for their fans. It is a beautiful moment. It is even more beautiful to see the whole crowd waving in beat with the song.

PVRIS end their set with “My House”. I did not think that this night could get any better, but this is amazing. The way I feel is impossible to describe. You should have been there. This night was magical. They played all the songs from “White Noise” and more. It was so well executed by PVRIS. They are more than welcome to come back and headline their own show again. I want more.

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