PVRIS out with a new song only three days before the release of AWKOHAWNOH

Have I hyped the upcoming PVRIS‘ second album? Or is it PVRIS that have released so many great new songs from the album, and have gotten me and probably you hyped up as well?
“All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell” is long to read and long to write, so everyone just writes AWKOHAWNOH which is just as annoying. Annoying as it might be it is truly a brilliant album title.

Today, PVRIS released new song from the upcoming album, titled “Anyone Else”, only three days before AWKOHAWNOH release. An album voted one of the most anticipated albums of 2017 by Alternative Press. Lets not forget that the release of AWKOHAWNOH got postponed for three weeks. Anticipated indeed.

“Heaven”, “What’s Wrong”, “Half”, “Winter” and now “Anyone Else” are songs PVRIS have released from the upcoming album. In other words half of the album is already out. Yes, you read correctly. Half the album is already out!
The only surprise on Friday will be listening to “Walk Alone”, “Same Soul”, “No Mercy”, “Separate” and “Nola 1” for the first time.

Featured image by © Max Fairclough