Placebo – Store Vega, 14.10.16

I was there when Placebo started their 20 Years of Placebo Tour. One can argue that the tour really started the day before at Århus. But since they, sadly, only played two songs, I’m saying the tour really started in Copenhagen. Where they played a whole set for a sold out venue.

© Bad cellphone shot by my Marshall London

It started with the screen showing the (unreleased) promo video for Every You, Every Me that just got released about a week ago. The whole crowd was singing a long, smiling, knowing that this is actually happening. And before we knew it there they were, Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal playing Pure Morning. Quickly followed by Loud Like Love. But it was Jesus Son that convinced me that they would actually play through this set.

The screen behind showed film clips and images from the music videos of the songs that they played. A great variety from all of their albums, but mostly from their self titled debutalbum. We got a live premiere of Lazarus. A song recently released on A Place For Us To Dream. During Without You I’m Nothing we could see clips of Placebo performing the song with David Bowie, such a lovely tribute to him. Stefan Olsdal did a great job singing the words that once were Bowies. It was beautiful.

Before the tour, it was said that Placebo would play songs they haven’t played live in a while. Like Lady of the Flowers which haven’t been performed since 2003, and Devil in the Details since 2010.
I’m not gonna lie, I had my expectations. One of them were Narcoleptic, which they didn’t play, and in my opinion is odd since the phrase A place for us to dream is from that song. They tricked me a little bit with that one.

It seems like the highlight of the set was For What It’s Worth. It looked like the whole audience danced while clapping simultaneously to the songs beat. Amazing.

After 24 songs Placebo ended their set with a cover of Kate Bush’ Running Up That Hill.

I went to see Placebo to enjoy myself and have some fun. I was not planning on writing about it either. But here I am, writing again. I had a freaking great time.
The performance was not perfect, it was good. There were some unnoticeable mistakes (noticed by me..). I just wanted more. Where were Taste In Men, This Picture, Meds, A Broken Promise, Centrefolds, and the song that will never be played live My Sweet Prince?. I also believe that the audience would prefer Every You, Every Me preformed live than to watch it on video.

I will see you again tonight Placebo. This time with my reviewers-glasses on, and not my crazyfan-eyes.