Øya day 3

Just a quick update from the Øya Festival. First on my list were Hilma Nikolaisen. Yes, she is the sister of all of the other artists in Norway with the name Nikolaisen. Talented family. After checking her out I rushed to Amfiet to catch up with some friends, and see Daniel Kvammen. So sat on the hill over looking the whole area, and it looked like a lot of people. But then after talking to some other friends, who were standing in the crowd, they said that the audience were dull. Apparently the millennial audience Kvammen attracts are too busy staring at their phones. Well, I have taken some pictures myself, but when I’m in the pit I enjoy the music and the experience (Thats why there are no pictures of Pixies. I was too busy dancing). Anyways, Kvammen is obviously talented. Dancing in his black clothes surrounded by his boyband of Øyvinds dressed in white (and lets not forget Even).
Maybe I should mention some songs he played? “Gatelangs gjennom song og synd”, “Fuck deg helming 90-tallet”, “Eg og du for alltid”, “Me dansar ikkje for morro skyld” and ending his set with “Du fortenar ein som meg”. A part of me was hoping for “Som om himmelen revna” with Lars Vaular (since he is playing as well), but no.

After Daniel Kvammen we just sat on the grass waiting for The Shins. Who gave us an amazing set. I love my friends on the hill, but some part of me wanted to dance in the crowd. We were the only once on the hill waving our hands in the air to “New Slang”. At least we tried.

After The Shins I ate some tasty balls (yes, thats what it’s called). Also an applause to Øya for having such great food. Food and talk, before heading back to Amfiet to see Pixies. Highlights: “Hey”, “Monkey Gone To Heaven” and “Where is my mind”. I loved the way the audience sang a long. But hated the middle aged man in front of me, wearing a sixpence, and were too busy texting someone and taking pictures from the concert and sending it to that someone. Apparently sharing is more important than experiencing.