Øya day 2

The sun has finally arrived in Tøyenparken in Oslo. For those who not know what Øya means, translated to English it would be “island”. My mom got surprised that I was not in an actual island, but a regular park in Oslo. And when the sun is shining, a park is exactly where you want to be.

First off for me was Sigrid. I had to check what all the fuzz is about. And now I get it. The little girl from Ålesund has got a couple of pair great lungs inside her. Great voice. Not the kind of music I usually listen to, but an amazing show either way. A couple went by me and I overheard them saying something like “She has one hit, and because of that one song she get to play on the second biggest stage on Øya. It dosen’t make sense”. So that is their meaning. I do think that she is really hyped up, but there where a couple of thousand in people in the crowd. Some came for the hype, but the once up front were truly Sigrid fans.

Right after Sigrid I went from one act to another. Next up was Feist. A woman in a pink dress playi

ng the guitar like a boss. Not much going on at the stage, but still pretty cool. Next

up was Thee Oh Sees. A band that fronted their drummers than their vocalist. I loved it! Four guys: two drummers, one on bass, and the one on guitar sang as well. Then to something more quiet: Ryan Adams. Loving the irony with him wearing an Emperor t-shirt. Then it was over to the weirdest guy ever: Mac DeMarco. He took a guy from the crowd up on stage just because he had a fidget spinner. When someone invites you up on stage, you stay there for that one song. That dude just overstayed his welcome, and it became awkward. Other than that, great show. Never heard anyone say “What the f**k” so many times or “sthank you”. Oh Mac.

My highlight were The xx. My plan was only to see them for han hour so that I could check out John Olav Nilsen & Nordsjøen. But that did not happen. The xx stole my heart. I was in awe of them. They sounded great. They did not just play well, but their voices, they way they sing, aaah. I think I’m still in a high from that concert. I’ve been a romantic for so long..