Øya day 1

One can not just write about the first day of Øya without mentioning the rain. I’ve never seen so much rain in Oslo before, but I was dead set on making it through. Mostly because I didn’t manage the rain at Roskilde 2007 and Sonisphere Stockholm 2010.

© Else Solheim (cellphone shot)

Beth Ditto was the first concert. Great voice but horrible attitude. The reason the tent was full is because everyone searched for shelter from the rain, and Sirkus is the only stage with a big enough tent. Next was Silja Sol. We stayed through her whole set. Not my kind of music, but she was good. And despite the heavy rain, there was a huge crowd. A little bit of trouble with the microphone at the beginning. Otherwise a good concert. I noticed that she has members from Casiokids in her band. Typical Bergen, recycling artists in that way.
Since my friend took me to see Silja Sol, I took her to see Testament and Sibiir. We both agreed that Sibiir were the best of of the two metal acts.

Hjerteslag was the show I couldn’t miss. I even got there early to stand in the front row. “Lets stand on this side were the talented guitarist usually is placed. He looks like he is 12, but damn he is talented”. I was so sure they would start with “Sammen Alene”, and they did.
There was not a drop of rain when Hjerteslag played. Magical during “Vestindia”, and my personal highlight “Lasaronens Vår” and “Bryllupsplaner & Andre Fete Løgner”. They ended the set with “Kong Oscars Gate” (the street in Bergen where I used to live), with vocalist Robert Eidevik crowd surfing. It was good. Not their bes. But good. They could have played so much more. Well, I wanted more. But you know festivals. You have one time slot and have to do the best with the time you get. Which Hjerteslag did. If I win the lottery, I will go to Bergen in November to see them at Verftet.

After Hjerteslag we went to Biblioteket to see IEatHeartAttacks. We didn’t actually see them, but we heard them. We were sitting in the tent listening, while looking at the audience back heads. IEatHeartAttacks sounded good. Unfortunately the rain came back during their set. Only for a little while. Right after their set it was off to Amfiet to see Lana Del Rey.

I’ve seen Lana Del Rey before. At that time she only had one album out and a couple of singles from Ultraviolence had been released. Now she has four albums out (five, if you’re counting Paradise), and a time slot of 1,5 hour. You already know you won’t get Black Beauty or Summertime Sadness. Some good songs just have to get cut from the setlist. But she started her set with “Body Electric”. With a voice as clear as I remembered. It sounded like there have been placed microphones near the audience on the front row, I could hear them clearly as well. Almost too clear. She asked if the audience would sing a long on “Blue Jeans”. A beautiful moment. Though not as beautiful during “Born To Die”. During that song she went off the stage and down to the audience giving hugs, taking pictures, receiving hugs and kisses, and even making the audience cry. Magical.
It was a good set. And her voice is amazing. However her voice at times disappeared in the playback. I know why they used playback: no one can sing two different parts at the same time. But sometimes it were louder than her voice. Which ruined it a bit for me. Just a bit. It was a great ending to a very rainy first day at Øya.

Even though the sun is shining I still might put my rubber boots on for today. Still muddy Øya?

Dont forget to add elsesolheim on Snapchat or Instagram for videos and pictures from Øya. The GPS keeps f*****g up at Øya, so last night I was actually in Brussels. (All my 11 likes from Happn are probably from guys in Brussels.. sorry). My geotag might say that I’m in a different city and country. But trust me, I’m still in Oslo and Norway.