Nothing More – John Dee, Oslo, 22.11/15

Nothing More is an alternative rock band from Texas. Who came to cold Scandinavia this weekend during their first European headlining tour. I’ve had my ticket since August, so I’ve been looking forward to this for months now. Since it’s Sunday, the amount of people is ridiculously low. But who doesn’t love an intimate show?

Supporting Nothing More during this visit is the Irish band Zoax. We’re about 20 people in the crowd. I understand that it’s hard to get such a tiny crowd excited. Especially when no one of us has heard of Zoax. Since the audience is so boring Adam Carroll, the vocalist, thought that it would be nice to join the audience and sing right in the middle of this tiny crowd. I think this is cool, so I try to take a picture. But unfortunately he took my phone and put it in his mouth – did it taste good?. I took that as a no-phones-allowed, so sadly there will be no photos of Zoax, you can all blame Adam Carroll for that. My phone in his mouth, really?! Other than that, they were great live. I had a good time. But maybe it’s because I have a weakness for Irish dialects. Anyway they wanted us to buy t-shirts, since it cold outside, and apparently t-shirts would keep us warm. Funny!

Nothing More

What is amazing with this show, is that even though it’s pretty intimate – we sing along – the the crowd knows the lyrics to the songs. I think a majority of the crowd experienced Nothing More when they supported Halestorm earlier this year. I am impressed by the ones that did show up tonight. Even though we were and intimate crowd – Nothing More gave it 150 %. I haven’t experienced anything like this (and I’ve been to 300+ concerts). They have crazy drum-things which they somehow managed to connect with a bass-guitar. What an invention. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s something new and cool.

Daniel Oliver, on bass, needs to be mentioned. He is crazy talented and can sing so good as well. This whole band is crazy talented, and I’m so glad that I went tonight. They end the set with “Salem (burn the witch)” and asked us to sing along. They said that Sweden did a pretty good job. Now we are all set on being better than Sweden. Everyone knows you can’t pin Norway and Sweden up against each other – Norway will always win. After seeing Nothing More for the first time I feel like I won the concert-lottery. A cold Sunday night in Oslo to remember that’s for sure.