New music video from Weezer

California Kids

At the end of the video you can hear the words: Damn, Rivers, back at it again with the Ray Bans. And yes, it is the kids from the Damn Daniel-video that went viral earlier this year. They are actually from California, so I guess they were the right kids for the video. It sure is funny since Rivers Cuomo’s trademark basically is Ray Ban glasses.

The single “California Kids” will be on Weezer’s “The White Album”, that will be released 1. April. It is also their tenth studio album. Three of their previous records have been named The Blue Album, The Green Album and The Red Album. So this is the fourth album with a colour theme.

I can’t wait. I’ve been a huge Weezer fan since The Green Album.

Weezer are also touring Amerika this with Panic! At The Disco. Lucky americans. Lets hope for an European Tour and that Oslo will be on the list!