MGP: The finalists are

How does a country decide which artist or band is going to represent them in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC)? Sweden has Melodifestivalen, in Norway we have Melodi Grand Prix (MGP). Today the ten finalists in MGP got presented at NRKs Studio 1. The studio was filled with Norwegian press and cameramen, but most of all fans of MGP.

The finalists were presented by the new MGP-general, Jan Fredrik Karlsen, who for most of us is known as the mean jugde on Norwegian Idol. During the presentation he was filled with laughter, a little sprinkle of crazy and a big dash of insane – which makes him perfect for the job as MGP-general. Together with the hosts Silya Nymoen and Kåre Magnus Bergh they presented the ten finalists.

To start off the hosts presented themselves and talked a bit about the Norwegian finale, before presenting the new MGP-general Jan Fredrik Karlsen. Karlsen says he is over-interested in Norwegian artists and pop-music, and said that this time they chose artist by the song and not by their fame.

Photo gallery by © Malin-Charlotte Aagesen

The bands and artists in the MGP finale will be:
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1. Suite 16 – Anna Lee
The youngest ones in the contest. A boyband who will charm many many teenage-hearts. They already have the boyband-pose down, but can they give a great performance?

2. Stine Hole Ulla – Traces
While presenting her they said it made Karlsen cry. We only had a sample of 15 seconds of each song and there were no tears in the crowd. But maybe when the song is released, she does have a wonderful voice.

3. Stage Dolls – Into the fire
Of those 15 seconds my first thought was; Stage Dolls has gone pop! They were a rockband who had their glory days in the 80s. This could be interesting.

4. Elouiz – History
Here we have a MGP-scandal. Elouiz is actually Swedish. Norway and Sweden have always been rivals in ESC. If she represents Norway in the final, and wins, Sweden will say that it was their win. ESC-drama!

5. Freddy Kalas – Happy Rush
This is a party song. It’s was 15 seconds of awful.

6. Makeda – Stand Up
My first thought; Amy Winehouse-inspired.

7. Pegasus – Anyway
This band is in the genre Danseband, but the song sounds like a rock-ballade. New and improved danseband?

8.Laila Samuels – Afterglow
Only 15 seconds but it gave me goosebumps. She has got my vote!

9. The Hungry Hearts feat. Lisa Dilla – Laika
A lesbian art-project with installations. Is it cool or is it too much?

10. Agnete Johnsen – Icebreaker
Have already won MGP Junior, why not MGP and ESC?

All songs will be released 2.Feb and the finale will take place 27.Feb. The finale will be shown on NRK1.

All photos by © Malin-Charlotte Aagesen