Ten memorable albums of 2016

Three days in 2017, but my playlist is still full of songs from last year. Here are some of my memorable albums from 2016.

Ron Pope – Ron Pope & The Nighthawks

Early this year in January Ron Pope released his first album with the Nighthawks. Shortly after the release they came to Norway and played a bunch of new songs for the Oslo-audience. Read the review of the concert here. Great album, great show. I call him the new Bruce Springsteen. Which is a lot, since I love Springsteen.

Wakey Wakey – Overractivist

At the end of February Wakey Wakey released “Overreactivist”. A new album filled with 12 bittersweet songs“. Read the whole review here.

De Underjordiske – Ind I Flammerne

Even though the album got released in Denmark in 2015, it was not until 2016 it came to Norway. One of my favorite albums from this year for sure.
I feel the darkness, I feel the flames, I feel the thirst and I feel the hunger“. Read the whole album review here.

Västerbron – Till Vilket Pris Som Helst

Most played album of 2016 (378 plays according to my last.fm)

Bleach Blondes – You Could Take The Whole World To Bed With You

Kent – Då Som Nu För Alltid

This album is by no means a favorite. For me it is a album filled with feelings. 2016 was the year the Swedish band Kent released their very last album, and went on one very last tour. After seeing them in Oslo Spektrum in October I’m still sad. I’m in a Kent-depression to be honest.

Twin Atlantic – GLA

This might very be my favourite album from 2016.

White Lies – Friends

Kvelertak – Nattesferd

Band Of Horses – Why Are You OK