Lets talk about Kent

Kent is a Swedish band that is now on a farewell tour through Scandinavia. This weekend they are playing two shows in Oslo. I’m seeing them on Sunday. Which is suppose to be their last show in Oslo, and also suppose to be the last time I see them live.

I used to love Kent. I saw them for the first time in Sweden ten years ago with my older sister. There is something about a band when they play on their home turf. Especially at a festival which was the biggest music festival in Sweden at the time (Hultsfred). A band is extra happy playing at “home”, and my opinion the performance was flawless. They had a children’s choir on stage with them during “Dom Som Försvann”. Which was one of many magical moments during that show. Before I saw them, I thought they were an OK band, but after that experience – they were phenomenal.

Two years later I had the pleasure of seing them again. Amazing live, once again. And that was it. I stopped. They changed their sound. Which is ok. Every band evolves, grows and change with time. Their new sound just was not for me. But I feel like I wasn’t the only one. When they went on tour the venues went from big to smaller ones. The new material just was not working. I have a theory that, that it might be the reason for them splitting up.

So now, this farewell tour. One last album. One last Best Of Album. I don’t believe in it.skjermbilde-2016-10-22-kl-01-20-17

I’ve seen the setlist. A farewell tour for the fans? These songs are not for fans. The setlist is basically Kent promoting their new material. The new studio album “Då Som Nu För Alltid”.
If it really really is goodbye, and they want to give the fans one last show, the only song they would play from that album is “Den sista sången” and maybe “Vi är inte längre där”. Thats it. Why so many new songs?

From a farewell tour I would expect “Dom Som Försvann”, “Blåjeans”, “Sundance Kid” and maybe “Columbus”, but those crucial songs are excluded from the setlist.

Only 24 songs and a quarter of the setlist is from their newest studio album.

Kent are playing spectrums on this tour. Oslo Spektrum can fit almost 10 000 people, compared to Sentrum Scene that fits less than 2000. And of course the farewell-tour is sold out. It’s the last show! Of course we’re going to see them. The last time we’ll hear them play “Socker” and “Stoppa Mig Juni”. Thats why we buy tickets. For the old material. Personally I don’t like the new material. “Då Som Nu För Alltid” – their farewell gift?

Honestly Kent. Is it farewell? Or just a promotion tour?