Last day at By:larm 2016

Kvelertak © Else Solheim

The Urørt finales started with a song from last years winner, Kristian Kristensen. Singer-songwriter, a guy with a guitar – we’ve all seen it before, but he does have an amazing voice. Thats how the whole finals were as well – something we have already seen before. The three finalists were Cezinando, Fasit and Ida Stein. Cezinando can be described as Oslo’s Lars Vaular. Coming from me that is not a compliment. Nothing original there. Fasit where described as if their music could come straight from an American Pie movie, I agree with that. Are the late 90s coming back? The audience seem to love it though and they are singing along as well. Ida Stein seems like she is influenced by Susanne Sundfør. Again, nothing new. The song in my opinion is also pretty dull. By how the audience reacted i was sure that Fasit would go out as Urørt-winners tonight. But the trophy went to Lars-Vaular-wannabe Cezinando. The crowd sang his lyrics as well, so I guess he deserved the win.
The greatest surprise at the Urørt-finals were Kvelertak. I love Kvelertak. They are probably the most successful band that have won the Urørt-finals. They played “Kvelertak” obviously, “Mjød”, and also a brand new song. I like their new sound, looking forward of hearing some more next week.

Now lets gets some fast food in our stomachs before heading off to Casa Murilo. The only reason I went to see Casa Murilo is because Dan Hesketh is following me on Twitter. I had to check them out. So glad I did! I wanted to dance in photopit while I was taking pictures, but that would have been unprofessional of me. During the show the vocalist managed to get himself over the barrier and in to the crowd – I love it when artists interact with the audience in that way. The atmosphere in this tent is amazing. I can’t help but smile. I’m playing Casa Murilo on my Tidal as I’m writing this.

Next stop Internasjonalen to see Skinny Days. There is already long line outside the venue. I also noticed some sad 18-years-olds that weren’t allowed in due to Internasjonalens age limit. I was lucky enough to get in though – living dangerously at 27. I was the last one to get in to the very tiny, and very packed venue. I was able to get some pictures, but they weren’t that good so I won’t share them. I wanted to check out Skinny Days after listening to a clip on the by:larm app. Apparently the tiny seconds of sound that I heard was the good part. This was not for me. But I understand why people like this kind of music. So instead of being one extra annoying person in this really tiny concert space I went to Rockefeller.

Oslo Faenskap © Else Solheim

Kentaur was the band that cancelled their show last night. The only reason I went to see Kentaur is because they had such a great band replacing them last night. I thought Kentaur would be just as good. I was wrong. Now that was dull, I need some rock. Heading next door to see Oslo Faenskap.

I saw Oslo Faenskap for the first time at last years Granittrock. They were good then, but they were great tonight. They have a lot of female fans, which is unusual for a metal show. Thats only an observation. One of the guys in Oslo Faenskap said he had played at John Dee several times before, but never to such a big crowd as this. I think the big crowd made them play better. They really gave all of their energy. Though some of the stage poses seemed choreographed.

I ended the night of snapping some shots of Izabell. I tried so hard staying up til 2.30AM, but my body just could not handle it. I really wanted to see Great News, hopefully next time they’re in Oslo.

To sum up By:larm 2016 was great. I found lots of new music to listen to, and hopefully you did as well.

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