Klubbøya: Ondt Blod

In Norway we have a saying: “Hell i uhell”, translated directly over to English it means luck in badluck. Yesterday at Klubbøya I wanted to see Hvitmalt Gjerde, because I am in seriously need of some music from the west coast of Norway. But went I went to Krøsset the line outside was too long, that once I’ve gotten through the entry Hvitmalt Gjerde would have finished their set. A friend of mine said that Ondt Blod were playing at Vulkan, so thats were I went instead.

I’ve heard of Ondt Blod, but I’ve never listened to them. I honestly had no idea what to expect. I certainly did not expect to like it, to love it, and to get blown away. It was an amazing show with loud music, screaming, moshpits balanced out with melodic melodies. Reminded me a bit about Kvelertak actually. There was a lot of energy on stage, mostly from the bassplayer. Who at one time kissed one of the guitarist on the mouth (well, thats what it looked like. And I love it!). The high energy level went to a new point when the vocalist joined the crowd. Even better when he joined for a second time in the middle of a moshpit. It was so good. So glad my friend told me to check them out. What a wonderful start to Øya.

Luck in badluck indeed. If there were no line at Krøsset, I would not have experienced Ondt Blod.

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