Kent – Vi är inte längre där

Kent released a new song this week “Vi är inte längre där” (We are no longer there). The song is one step closer to the release of “Då Som Nu För Alltid” which will be their very last album. A step closer to their very last tour. A step closer to farewell.

Compared to the first taste from the upcoming album, the song “Egoist”, “Vi är inte längre där” is better in my opinion. The music reminds of the old Kent. It is in the way the song is built up, and the way they play the guitar. At the first listen it gave me shivers, but also tears. The lyrics are beautiful, but sad at the same time. The tears came at the end when they sing about not following them where they are about to go, and they must go. Kent are no longer there, they are somewhere else. soffa-2000px-500x333

It is a beautiful song. It won’t be long until 20. May when “Då Som Nu För Alltid” will be released. The tracklist for the album is already out, and the song that ends it is “Den sister songen” (the last song). I will try not to be so emotional when it is released.

I understand Kent, but that does not mean I’m not sad.

For more about the new album check out (Swedish)