Kent: 16. May 1990 – 17. December 2016


Is this the end, Kent?

With this video posted on Kent’s Facebookpage, the Swedish band announced their final album and their final tour.

“Då Som Nu För Alltid”

See anything or anyone familiar in the video?

Kent published a press release on their website stating that this is the end, and that their journey starts with their newest single “Egoist“. Translated to English egoist means selfish. Is it selfish to make this decision? In my opinion, it is not. Kent has given us wonderful music in 26 years. Beautiful music. Inspiring music. Thank you, Kent.

Kent are also going on a farewell-tour of Scandinavia, and will be visiting these cities:
23/9 – Linköping, Saab Arena
30/9 – Göteborg, Scandinavium
5/10 – Bodø (NO), Bodö Spektrum
7/10 – Kiruna, Arena Arctica
8/10 – Luleå, Coop Norrbotten Arena
13/10 – Örnsköldsvik, Fjällräven Center
14/10 – Östersund, Östersund Arena
15/10 – Trondheim (NO), Trondheim Spektrum
21/10 – Stavanger (NO), DnB Arena
22/10 – Oslo (NO), Oslo Spektrum
28/10 – Helsingfors (FI), Hartwall Arena
29/10 – Vasa (FI), Vasa Arena
11/11 – Malmö, Malmö Arena
18/11 – Örebro, Conventum Arena
19/11 – Gävle, Gavlerinken Arena
25/11 – Århus (DK), Ceres Arena
26/11 – Köpenhamn (DK), Forum
2/12 – Karlstad, Löfbergs Lila Arena
3/12 – Växjö, Vida Arena
17/12 – Stockholm, Tele2 Arena

Where is Bergen? Norway’s second biggest city, and Kent are not playing in Bergen? According to, Bergen doesn’t have enough space for Kent. Which is ridiculous. I have the greatest memories of Kent playing Grieghallen in Bergen eight years ago.

Kent. I am sad to see you go. But I will see you at Oslo Spektrum!