Jonas Ledang – Down Your Throat

Jonas Ledang is a singer-songwriter from Namdalen, Nord Trøndelag. He mixes an American sound with his roots from Namdalen with Tom Petty as inspiration. Ledang’s music varies from folk ballads at one end, and grand rock songs at the other end. Songs that are unique in a 1970s spirit.

Two days ago the Norwegian artist released the single “Down Your Throat”. Just by looking at the title, you wouldn’t think that it is a love song. Jamming love down someones throat to make them love you. Brutal or beautiful? It is a rock ballad that sounds soothing with Ledang’s unique voice.

© Marthe Amanda Vannbo
© Marthe Amanda Vannbo

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The song is a taste of what is to come from his upcoming EP, “Heart of a Young Man”, which is out 11. April.

For more about Jonas Ledang, check out his Facebook-page.