Interview and new music video from Fasit

Fasit played at the Urørt Finale here in Oslo last month. Almost right after Urørt, they went to England to record their brand new single “Leave It”. In connection with this new song, I was lucky enough to ask the guys a couple of questions.

The guys in Fasit have known each other for a long time. Most of them are childhood friends, but the whole band did not meet until their very first rehearsal.

© William Glandberger
© William Glandberger

Fasit, music and inspiration
I asked them to describe each member of Fasit in one word and explain why.
Snorre would be “dad”. Since he is such a good guy, and rescues us out of difficult situations on tour.
Jarle is “beard”. He has a beard and he styles it as well.
Adrian would be “Obi Van Kenobi” – he loves Star Wars.
Christer aka “posterboi” – he makes all of the album covers and the posters.
Sindre, “Farmboy” –  he drivers a tractor!

The guys went on a couple of European tours together, and decided that it would be cool to start their own band. Everyone in Fasit participates in the songwriting process.
It often starts with that Snorre has an idea, so we work on it together. Christer writes a lot of the lyrics. Coffee, long walks in urban outfield, and women with tits inspires us!

The music they prefer to listen to is shameless pop and other kinds of shitty classics.
We just can’t get enough!

The weirdest thing that has happened to them during touring was doing their own soundcheck at a student village in the Sogn-area.
Snorre had to tune in the sound for us, somehow. It was so weird.

I asked them what they do on their spare-time besides music.
Adrian drives his scooter, a lot. Snorre skates. Christer bingewatches stand-up. Jarle enjoys his beard and Sindre abuses growth hormones.

I can’t help but laugh. What would their careers be today if music was not a possibility?
Rema 1000, Bunnpris, kindergarten assistant or rapping.

Rap is apparently not music according to that statement. So, if Fasit didn’t exist today, you would probably see one of the guys working in a grocery store in Bergen.

Fasit probably have some great plans for the future. But when asked about it, they replied:
We’re having a band rehearsal on Tuesday, so we’ll take it from there.

In my opinion the guys in Fasit are hilarious. They are coming back to Oslo next month playing at Betong 6.May. I saw them at Urørt so I know that this will be a great show. You don’t want to miss it!
But first check out their newest single “Leave it”.

Their own opinion of the song:
“Leave It” er LIV-et 😉 😉 😉
(In English: Leave It is life).

For more about Fasit, you can stalk them on Facebook.

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