Hoggormsafari – Du er hva du spiser. Spis De Rike.

Hoggormsafari is a Norwegian band that was formed in Bergen by Martin Lilløy Aabø, Phillip Høgli Nilsen, Tord Berg Næss, Bror Henrik Smith Brorson and Torstein Bøe. They recently released their EP “Du er hva du spiser. Spis De Rike.”, which is ‘You are what you eat. Eat the rich‘ in English – a brilliant title in my opinion.

The EP is filled with four pop-punk songs, and you can clearly hear the inspiration from Oslo Ess and Blink-182 in the sound. A big plus is that Hoggormsafari sings in Norwegian.

What Hoggormsafari says about the songs on the EP:
“Ta Livet Fatt” is about getting back on your feet after a difficult time. Basically about pulling oneself together while celebrating life and freedom.
“Hjelp!” is a about Martin feeling hopeless in a crappy job he had.
“Under paraplyen” is a love song about a girl everyone in the band has been infatuated by.
“Tiger” is a song Tord wrote after his girlfriend moved from Oslo to Bergen. It is a combination of a tribute to Bergen and a fuck you to Oslo.

It is clear that pop-punk is doing a comeback this year, and Hoggormsafari is a band to watch out for.

© Jacob Mørch
© Jacob Mørch

Listen to the EP on Tidal or Spotify.

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