Hjerteslag, Rockefeller 18.02.17

The feeling you get when Hjerteslag opens the show with “Sammen Alene”, and all you want to do is dance. And thats what I did.

The concert was far from perfect. At the very start there were already problems with the sound (I think). So the band just stood on stage, awkwardly, waiting for the problem to be fixed. It only lasted for about a minute. But felt like forever. When the problem got fixed, the sound of “Sammen Alene” came through the speakers, and vocalist Robbie Eidevik entered the stage with applaus and cheers from the audience. The song makes me want to dance, which I did. But the guys on stage just stood there, doing their job, with little passion in it. Except for the guitarist with the greatest haircut of the night, Nikolas Jon Aarland – he danced and was full of life throughout the show.

© cellphone photo. (sorry)

The setlist has a nice balance between songs from their debut “Møhlenpris Motell” and their latest release “Vannmann86”. The temperature startet to rice during “Papirsvaner”, and the guys on stage started to move as well. When we were are all sweaty and smiling Raknes (guitar), Sætre (drums) and Hjelmås (Bass) left the stage. Leaving Eidevik and Aarland to play “Linedanserinne”. Goosebumps. All kinds of feelings. No words can describe this lovely moment.

When the whole band is on stage again they play “Ikkje tenk på det”. Now with more movement from the guys on stage. My favourite part was when they played “Lasaronens Vår” and went straight to “Bryllupsplaner & andre fete løgner”. I danced, I sang, and the audience sang a long. For me it was the perfect moment. And the cautious start to the show is forgiven.

The first song of the encore is “Sang til Sonja”. The audiences highlight. This is the moment I felt the vibrations on the floor, the moment I saw joy in several peoples faces. The vibrations kept on going until the very last tune of “Kong Oscars gate”.

Hjerteslag was beyond all expectations.

For a show done well, I ended up spending money at the march stand. Money well spent!

I recommend you catch Hjerteslag at Garage in Bergen 23. February. The whole week there will be shows and DJs at Garage. If you’re in Bergen I urge you to go every day. Garage is my favourite bar in Bergen. I went there all the time when I used to live there. I hate to see it close its doors.