Henrik Berggren – Run, Andy, Run

At midnight Henrik Berggren released a new song titled “Run, Andy, Run”. With a link to spotify and the lyrics posted along his Facebook-entry.

Dare I say that the song is a tribute, a homage, to his late band-colleague in Broder Daniel Anders Göthberg.

The song makes me sad. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to write and perform this song. It turned out beautiful. I get goosebumps and tears. Thats for sure.

There was a dream I had last night.
‏We were standing in golden light
‏By the schoolyard where we used to meet.
‏You were so young; I was my age.
‏And after what I knew, I had to say to you.‏

Run, Andy, run!
‏Get out while you’re young.
‏Don’t look back.
‏Time will go so fast.
‏Go, make it true.
‏And, Andy I got beat.
‏So, now you run for me.
‏Go, show me.
‏Andy, run!‏And, Andy, you were right about me.
‏I had closed in on myself.
‏I let the world hold me down
‏Cause something got to me early on.
‏I don’t know why.
‏Lord, I don’t know why.

‏Run, Andy, run!
‏Run, with all you got.
‏And make it count
‏Till your lights go out.
‏Now so long, suckers!
‏And make your heart hard,
‏Hard like cold iron,
‏Hard like diamond.
‏Come on Andy, run!

‏Run, Andy, run!
‏Forever young
‏Push on clear.
‏You’ll be wasted here,
‏But we’ll never know now.
‏You’ll grow old now.
‏Time’s lost its hold now.
‏Forever done
‏Forever young

‏And, Andy, be yourself.
‏Come on be you.
‏Come on be you.
‏Nothing matters, don’t you know?
‏Nothing matters, don’t you know?
‏Now reality wont heal
‏Cause you’ve made the world unreal.

Image by Emmabodafestivalen