Girls preview Oslo

Last night I went to an event by HBO Nordic and Natt&Dag at Rockefeller in Oslo. It was a preview of the first episode of the new season of Girls. It was free and first come first served. Why not stand in minus celcius degrees for 40 minutes for see a performance by an artist named MYRA and a new episode of Girls? Lets not forget the goodie bag as well. I’ve been to a similar preview before, but that time I was on the list since it was a serie about music, which is not the main focus in Girls. This time I went as a fan of the series, hence the standing in line freezing for 40 minutes. Was it worth it?

The doors opened at 7PM. At the Facebook event it said that the preview of Girls would start at 8.30PM. So what was happening for 1.5 hour before the series started. Well, se sat for over an hour. No one from HBO or Natt&Dag to wish the audience welcome. At least at the Vinyl preview they welcomed us, gave us something to drink and popcorn to snack on. When someone finally entered the stage it was the artist MYRA. She was the one who welcomed us and said she was singing a couple of songs before the showing of Girls.

MYRA as a person was cute. As an artist, maybe a little bit unprofessional. She admitted that she didn’t knew the songs that well, even though she had recored them, and that they were her songs. Maybe she was trying to be funny, but (in my opinion) failed. Her voice was beautiful. The voice we could hear live, but also the voice that was pre-recorded. There were some problems with the sound, but thats not her fault. She did her best out of an awkward situation.

She sang this song. Not my kind of music. But I enjoy sharing Norwegian artists.

MYRA sang a couple of songs (in the beautiful Bergen-accent), and finally it was time for Girls.

After the showing the first thing we did was to buy some snacks. Clearly, we were in need of it.