Freedomination – The Guf / Tower of Bones

About a week ago I was asked to share a press-release on my site. Well, thats super easy so I thought why the hell not. –

FREEDOMINATION release exclusive internet single “The Guf / Tower of Bones!”

Finland’s own heavy/thrash metal outfit Freedomination have released a new online single! Recorded already back in summer 2014 (at the same recording sessions as The Stand EP), “The Guf / Tower of Bones” is finally here for your listening pleasure! If you enjoy the idea of someone trying desperately to come up with something Judas Priest or Iron Maiden could’ve left unwritten, mixed with a touch of Megadeth and Nevermore, but that obviously isn’t quite as good as any of them, you are in for a treat!

When I was about 16 years old I had (what I called) my Finnish-period. I listened to all kinds of bands from Finland. Like HIM, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Apocalyptica etc. I have a bunch of albums at my parents house. Maybe now I can add Freedomination to that bunch. All though thats a ridiculous band-name (sorry, thats just my opinion). The only reason I shared their new single on this site is because they started the email with “METAL!”. They sure know how to a girls attention.