Festival packing tips

(For the Norwegian version of this list, click here)

Festival season (mainly summer) is the best part of the year. I’ve been to all kinds one festivals, both in Norway and over seas. So, I’ve made a list of the important essentials to pack with you when leaving for a music festival. It is important to have everything ready to avoid stress the day before departure.

The “essentials”:
– Festival ticket! (and other tickets for the travels or camping ticket)
– Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad or air mattress, pillow (a sweater can be used as a pillow)
– Don’t overpack clothes. Only a couple of outfits and a warm sweater. Summer nights can get cold. And by all means dont forget underwear and socks!
– Be sure to check the weather forecast. It will tell you if you need sunscreen or rainwear, or both.
– Comfortable shoes. You will be walking around a lot. Avoid blisters the first day. But bring blister plasters just in case.
– Paper towels, like toilet paper or handkerchiefs. Small enough to fit your pocket in case you end up at a toilet with no paper.
– A tiny bottle of antibac (pure alcohol).
– Q-tips, plasters, painkillers, towel, tweezers, toothbrush and -paste.
– Earplugs!
– Flashlight. It might be summer, but it can still get dark. It would be nice to find your tent at night? or?
– Money. Cash or card.
– Valid ID
– Mirror, hairbrush, some make-up (not important, but I prefer a little bit of lipstick ;))
– If you have contact lenses don’t forget the essentials for that.
– Your phone! (and maybe a powerbank)

It is also always nice (and important) to have water and some food in the tent.

Not essentials, but smart to have
I can charge my phone about three times with this one.

4D Battery pump.
All you need is this pump and four D batteries. You don’t need to use your lungs to inflate your mattress. Not expensive either.

Festival chair
It has room for you. It has room for your drink. And it doesn’t take a lot of space either.



Happy festival season!
Remember not to pack too much, the list is already long 🙂



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