EP: Bleach Blondes – Health

The Danes in Bleach Blondes are out with a new EP today! It’s titled “Health” and contains four loud and melodic songs. It is their second release since their debut ”You Could Take the Whole World to Bed With You” from last year.

“Midnight Fever” is the first song, and you can clearly hear that the band is inspired by Oasis, RIDE and My Bloody Valentine. “Shaking Blues” took me by surprise by being more melodic and slow compared to the rest of the EP. It cuts through the loudness which is exactly what balances the EP. “Untitled” stats out slow, but the song has it noisy moments. The EP ends with “Am I The Same”, with a distinctive guitar sound. All in all it’s a good EP, but some part of me likes the debut more.

“Health” is mixed by Heine Tegtmeier and mastered by the Sean Magee (Beatles, Sex Pistols, MBV and Pink Floyd) at Abbey Road Studios.