Eagles Of Death Metal – “Can you dig it? Amen!”

© Else Solheim (cellphone-photo)
© Else Solheim (cellphone-photo)

February the 14th was a special day here in Norway. Not just because it was Valentines and Mothers Day at the same day, but Eagles Of Death Metal are back, and this is their second stop on their tour. As most of you know the tour got postponed due to the terror attacks in Paris three months ago. We were all affected of what happened that awful night. But it didn’t stop me of going to concerts, and it didn’t stop EODM to play live music for us. Us – their fans.

What I first noticed by entering the venue, Sentrum Scene, was that the guard really felt me up this time. Obviously for security reasons. I have to be honest I didn’t mind getting extra felt up by some faceless security guard. I also noticed some undercover (or civil) security during the show. The concert is sold out. However I don’t think everyone has shown up yet. We got their during White Miles opening act. For just being two people on stage they were great. But lets be honest – we want EODM.

While waiting, the rest of the audience gets there. The venue is now packed with eager fans who is waiting for EODM to enter the stage. When they finally do, they get greeted with great applaus and cheers from the crowd. This moment alone is so beautiful. The band is just standing there on stage taking in all in. When front man Jesse Hughes repeatedly says “We really needed you guys”, you know he means it.

After all the cheering and (truthfully) a couple of tears, they start the show off with “I only want you”. The whole crowd is dancing and singing along. Hughes is a funny man telling a story about how he and guitarist Dave Catching had been married for 18 years. The funny stories went on throughout the concert. Early on Hughes interacts with the audience. Putting the men and the women in the crowd against each other on who could scream the loudest – the women won, of course. We celebrated by dancing to “Complexity”.

The next song “Whoreshoppin'” is dedicated to their dear friend Tom, “You guys might know him as Happy-Tom” Hughes continues. We cheer and applaud. Thomas Seltzer aka Happy-Tom is most of all known as the bassplayer in Turbonegro, but here in Norway he is also known as the TV-personality in Trygdekontoret. With this song dedicated to him, I can’t help but laugh. But I sang along anyway – “Shit, Goddamn. I’m a man. I’m a man“. Lets not forget another Turbonegro-member, Euroboy, who also got a song dedicated to him. A week after the Paris-attacks Tubronegro had a concert here in Oslo where they dedicated a song to Paris. It is clear that EODM and Turbonegro are close friends.

Lets not forget about this special day. Mothers Day and Valentines Day. The perfect song for this day is “Cherry Cola” – suitable. During the middle of “I want you so hard” I can see Hughes being escorted behind the black curtains on stage. I know somethings up. The rest of the band is on stage playing to the songs beat, while Jesse is no where to be seen. A few moments later he is literarily right behind me, upstairs, on the gallery, playing a guitar solo. We are all very impressed. The whole scenario seems fearless of him. Playing in the middle of the audience. It sure is wonderful to see.

For the encore they play a Duran Duran cover “Save a prayer”, and it is lovely. I’d rather have this version over Duran Duran any day. With “Speaking in tongues” this unforgettable evening is over. I stand here with the greatest feeling of joy. Eagles of Death Metal gave us a night to remember. I also feel strong in a weird way. Hopefully they feel the same.

They may have started off by saying they really needed us, but we really needed Eagles Of Death Metal.

Can you dig it? Amen!
– Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes