Oslo Spektrum sold out! – Det är tårar, Kent..

This is the last year the Swedish members of Kent will play together as a band. They are releasing one final album, but also going on one last farewell-tour through Scandinavia. Their last show in Oslo Spektrum is already sold out, but luckily they have put up one extra concert the day after. Tickets can be found at billettservice.no.

I’ve been in a very Kent-mood this Sunday, and played “Stoppa mig juni (lilla ego)” over and over again. Mostly because of the words “Det är tårar” which means “there are tears”. And I am sure that if I go to one of their shows, there will be tears. Lots of tears.

I played “Socker” and then the tears came. My heart is breaking.

The world is losing one of the greatest bands there is.

Read about more about the final tour here.