De Underjordiske – Ind I Flammerne

© Ditte Løfgren Hagelskær
Artwork © Ditte Løfgren Hagelskær

Today the danes in De Underjordiske are releasing their debut album in Norway. Last year they played for a packed Psych Fest in Oslo, and also a just as huge crowd in Bergen. They are already praised by the critics in Denmark, but will psychedelic rock in danish work for the Norwegian audience?

The album starts off with the title track, “Ind I Flammerne”, and the first note takes me on a journey. Vocalist Peter Kure sings about a hopeless struggle to find water in the dry desert sand. With his unique voice combined with the melody I can feel the thirst myself. The journey takes me further to “Hvis du forstod”. A new story told in music with heavy guitar riffs.

In my opinion the highlight of the album is their latest single “Under Skyggernes Kniv”. Heavy drum beats with the guitar played by the Bengsten-brothers and with the voice of Kure – makes this one of the greatest songs on the album. You can hear the inspiration from the psych in the 60s to the 80s guitar sound.

The album ends with “Med Næb og Kløer”. Where Kure sings about fruits that you can never reach, and you will starve yourself to death, while you wait for the fruit for fall down on it’s own. For me it may seem like a stand against fruitarianism. No, not really. I can feel the pain in his voice when he sings about waiting for the fruit to fall. Waiting seems like pure agony. The charismatic voice really gets the message through.

At times the songs may seem dull and monotone. It is not a perfect album, but it is close to it. Not bad for a debut. The songs on the album tells a story. I can’t help but get lost in them. I feel the darkness, I feel the flames, I feel the thirst and I feel the hunger. And I am hungry for more. Does psych rock in danish work for Norwegians? It does for me, so I am saying hell yes!

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I am happy to announce that De underjordiske are touring Norway in March/April. You need to catch them live at:
31. March – Familien, Trondheim
1. April – Hulen, Bergen
2. April – Folken, Stavanger
9. April – BLÅ, Oslo

I will of course attend the show at BLÅ in Oslo, hope to see you there!


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