De Underjordiske – BLÅ, 09.04.16

© Else Solheim

De Underjordiske played in Oslo for the first time last year at Oslo Psych Fest. They have now returned to the city playing at BLÅ supporting Tusmørke.

I went there early. Even before the doors to the venue were open, I met a couple already in line eager to see De Underjordiske. They were at Oslo Psych Fest, and De Underjordiske’s performance made them eager to see the Danes again. I know their music is great, but now I have high expectations for their live performance as well.

It is not a surprise when De Underjordiske starts their set off with “Ind I Flammerne”, the title track of their debut album. I am surprised over the sound; I did not expect it to sound this good. Damn, there are some talented Danish men on stage. As they play through “Hvis Du Forstod” the audience keeps on growing, and it does not seem to stop. I am not the only one digging this. The whole crowd seem to enjoy the flawless music.

© Else Solheim

The vocalist Peter Kure admits that he is a closet-Norwegian, meaning he was conceived in Norway, I think he said Rjukan. Too much information, or the best way to present their song “Trold”?. The evening is far from over when De Underjordiske play a cover song of the Gnags’ hit “Vilde Kaniner”. A great interpretation presented in a greater performance.

The highlight is “Under Skyggernes Kniv”. I love the way this song starts off with the drums and braids itself in with the guitar. It is so much better live. The audience moves in beat with the music. Next to me there is a girl dancing, and loving every minute of the concert. She stops, and asks me “who are these guys, where are they from?”. I’m not sure if she was American, but she was definitely not from Scandinavia. She is the living proof that De Underjordiske can break through with psychedelic rock in Danish. You don’t need to understand the lyrics to enjoy the music.

De Underjordiske end their set with a woeful song, “Næb og Klør”. The perfect end of a great performance. A sad song, which makes me sad to see them leave the stage. I am left with amazement and a new favorite band. I am in awe of De Underjordiske.

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