Dårlig Hjort

Dårlig Hjort is a pop-punk powertrio from Oslo. According to their bio they all enjoyed a stereotypical suburban Disney childhood: No dads that ran off, no mothers on wellfare, no broken bones, but always that one girl that got away or that summer holiday with the boys they want to relive. Sounds familiar right?

I January this year Dårlig Hjort released their debut album “Kunne vært verre” (“Could’ve been worse”). A very pop-punk album. One can clearly hear the inspiration from Sublime to blink-182. The lyrics are in Norwegian (which I love!). The album consists of ten songs about having fun and hangovers, but also love, career-pressure and all the expectations and responsibilities that comes with growing up.

Earlier I said that pop-punk is doing a comeback this year, Dårlig Hjort is another great example of that!

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