Concert: Major Parkinson, Vulkan Arena 23.09.17

The first thing I thought when Major Parkinson stepped on stage were: they are so proper. Proper in the way that they nodded and bowed before starting the whole set. What a lovely way to greet an audience. The crowd clapped their hands and cheered, some looked eager for a show, some were just standing there with their arms folded.

I haven’t seen Major Parkinson since they played at Rockefeller early 2011. Now, over six years later most of the line-up have been switched out. They have added a violinist who is tiny, and who looks like a dark and more scary version of one of the Shining-twins. She can stare you down, but she sure is talented.

The concert started with a mixture of goosebumps and dancing. From there it was a balance of movements on stage, a bit of moshing in the crowd, slow moments, musical moments and familier moments. They played songs like “Skeleton Sangria”, “Impermanence”, “Heart Of Hickory”, but the moment I can’t forget is “Casanova”, Which was just beautiful.
The first moshpit was during the title track of their upcoming album “Blackbox”, performed with Elida Høgalmen who sang on more than just one song. “Madeleine Crumbles” and “Black River” to name a few. She was not the only one who extended Major Parkinson line-up; a couple of backup singers, a guy on the sax, and another one playing the trombone. There where moments with eleven musicians and singers on stage. It was crazy to look at, but amazing to experience.

In the middle of the set they stopped completely. Having a ten minute break while having a world premiere of their newest single “Baseball” playing through the speakers. Yes, the song is ten minutes long and from what I could hear it sounded great. But give an audience ten minutes and they will talk, talk loudly, and not enjoy listening to a brand new song.

The second moshpit, well the second tiny moshpit, was during the classic “Death In The Candystore”. A song we all know and love. The reason I am saying tiny moshpit is because it mainly consisted of two-three guys. Unfortunately Vulkan was far from it’s full capacity, and most of the audience were dull. But that did not stop Major Parkinson from giving us a great show. The amount of energy that was shown on stage was so great that words can not describe.

I left Vulkan with a smile on face, knowing that I will definitely see them the next time they are in town.

Featured image by: © Jarle H. Moe